• The Challenge

    The look and feel of each AGM needs to strike a fine balance; an AGM must deliver a robust and forward-thinking brand experience to shareholders, but in no way should it feel frivolous or money-wasting.

    The aim with BT’s AGM each year is to create an impeccable event, with the focus on strong visual and sound technology.

    This is an event where the Board is publicly accountable to its shareholders.

  • What we did

    Pumphouse recognises the legal and production challenges peculiar to the AGM.

    We have developed a series of AGM assets – including a bespoke, curved AGM desk – which affords the Board a level of comfort and security, while still feeling accessible to the audience.

    Technology incorporated within the desks allows smooth answering of potentially awkward questions.

  • The Effects

    Pumphouse is proud of its 26-year history, producing BT’s AGM every year since 1991. A combination of technical excellence, an understanding of the Board’s requirements and a good knowledge of the brand allow us to produce a well-balanced event that meets the requirements for BT and its shareholders.